Six Best Ways of Breaking Away From Belly Fat

A big and fat belly is not only a cosmetic concern, but also more about the increased risk of suffer from certain diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, type2 diabetes, fatty liver, and so on.

You must pay enough attention to your waist line to see if you are already the out of the limitation. In general, if you are a woman, you should get a waist size less than 35 inches; if you are a man, your waist size should be less than 40 inches. You can measure your waist line simply with a tape to see if you meet this requirement. If you have an oversize belly, you must take some effective measures to get rid of it at once. Here are some best ways for you to reach your goals.


Follow a Healthy Belly Diet

Diet is one of the most important factors if you want to reduce extra fat successfully including your belly fat. To slim your tummy, you must notice more about your meals.

Eat nutritious breakfast. You should not find any excuses to skip breakfast because it is essential for you to lose weight. It can keep your insulin levels steady and reduce your LDL cholesterol levels. For a well-balanced breakfast, you can eat some protein-rich and high-fiber foods like eggs, peanuts, fruits, vegetables, and so on. You should avoid sugary cereals, cakes and pastries which may let you ingest excessive calories.

Add whole grains to your meals. You should swap out the refined grains for whole grains because whole grains can help you lost more belly fat. For example, you can eat brown wheat bread instead of the over-processed white bread. According to some scientific studies, whole grains can change the glucose and insulin response in the body to speed up the process of melting fat which make you remove the belly fat more easily and quickly.

Increase the fiber intake. Soluble fiber can help you lower the insulin levels to accelerate fat burning. You should increase the fiber intake slowly gradually to let your digestive system adapt to it gradually. To get more fiber, you can eat the kin on the fresh fruits and vegetables without peeling them. You can also prepare split pea soup regularly to get enough powerful fiber.

Keep Regular Exercise

When mention the fat burning, you may think about the exercise immediately. Indeed, exercise is necessary for you if you want to burn fat quickly and effectively.

Aerobic exercise. This is the most common exercise for you to train the body as well as lose weight. This exercise is potent to increase your heart rate to help you burn calories fast. It is known to burn fat throughout the body including your belly fat. It is easy and convenient for you to perform aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, running and biking just at home or at your nearby park. Insist on doing it for 30 minutes every day and you will see the results soon.

Resistance training. As it is published in some authoritative magazines, combining the resistance training with aerobic exercise can help you shed extra abdominal fat more effectively. You can do this training three to four times a week in the gym or just at home with some simple tools like dumbbells, resistance bands, and so on.

Abdominal workouts. You can also perform some special workouts targeting your obese belly, such as crunches, sit-ups, leg-lifts, roll-ups, and so on. These workouts can help you to burn belly fat as well as sculpt the abdominal muscle groups at the same time.


In order to keep fit and maintain a good figure, it is wise for you to take proper measures to get rid of excess belly fat as soon as possible. Combining the healthy diet and cruise control diet with regular exercise is a nice option to help you keep the belly fat off.


Step-by-step Method to Cover Dark Circles with Makeup

After you stayed up last night to finish your work, you may find that you get the obvious and terrible raccoon eyes when you wake up in the morning. Image how embarrassed if you go to work in this way so you must find a quick and effective way to let them disappear at once. Makeup is the saviour for you to hide them thus helps you look good. Here are four simple steps for you to create a preface appearance in the limited time.

Step one: Conceal the dark circles.

In order to counteract the dark color under the eyes, you should select the opposite colors. If you have white skin, a light peach color may be right for you. If you have a darker skin, you may need a dark peach or orange color. Use your ring finger to apply a thin coat of the selected concealer under your eyes. The concealer darker than your skin can help you hide the dark circles effectively. You don’t need to worry about the color on your skin because you can blend it later.

Step two: Blend the color of concealer.

Select a cincealer with the same color as your skin and pat it on the top of the orange or peach one you have just applied. In this way, you can blend the color to make it look more natural. You can also wear a foundation to get this effect. Brush the foundation all over you face and make sure not to swipe off the orange or peach concealer under your eyes.

Step three: Brighten the skin.

If you can still see your dark circles, you can brighten the skin underneath your eyes with a lighter color, but you must make sure the color is a thin consistency concealer as you used in the former steps. The color should be slightly lighter than your skin. Put several dots under your eye and blend it softly with a dome brush.

Step 4: Set the whole makeup.

For dry skin, you can just use a matte eye shadow lighter than your skin. Brush a thin layer under your eyes to set the concealer and keep it throughout the day. If you have a natural skin, you can apply some face powder to finish the makeup. Use a flat thin sponge to apply a thin layer of power all over your face. Pay especial attention on the skin of your under-eye areas. Now, you can see that the dark circles disappear completely!

Other Tips For Removing Dark Circles

Eye cream. There are some powerful eye creams in the market which can help you eliminate dark circles effectively. You can select one and use it under the guidance of its manual. In general, you can apply it in the evening after you can clean you face thoroughly, so your skin can get enough time to absorb the eye cream to reap the maximum benefits.

BB cream. If you just too busy to finish the above-mentioned makeup process, you can turn to the BB cream which can help you cover the dark circles in a time. You just need to care your skin as usual and apply a thin layer of the BB cream all over you face. Put a little more under your eyes. Your dark circles will become lighter.


Though using the cosmetics can help you hide the dark circles quickly, you will see them after you remove the makeup. It is only the temporary method for you to get a better appearance. If you want to keep the dark circles off, you should pay more attention to develop a healthy lifestyle to solve this problem completely.

Foods That Cause Inner Ear Problems

There are some common inner ear problems like inner ear infections and Meniere’s disease which may cause the vertigo and dizziness. Your inner ear plays an important role for you to collect the sound for the brain and help you to keep the sense of balance.

If your inner ear doesn’t work it should, you may suffer from some severe diseases. Though there is no scientific evidence shown that what foods can cause inner ear problems, there are some foods may induce or worsen the inner ear conditions. Read on to know more information to help you prevent these problems.

High-salt food. The salt is largely composed by the sodium which is an important material to keep the normal fluid balance. If you take in too much salt, the excessive sodium will disorder the inner ear fluid levels to cause some inner ear problems. You should pay more attention to control the intake of salt from the diet. Notice the foods like French fries, pretzels, processed food, canned food, and so on.

High-sugar food. Sugar can also influence the inner ear fluid levels, so you also need to reduce the intake of it to maintain the normal levels. Eat less dessert, frosting, cakes, pastries and pies in the common time. What’s more, you should also reduce the beverages which contain too much sugar, like soft drinks and mixed coffee drinks.

Tyramine sources. Tyramine is a kind of amino acid which may lead to the migraines or severe headache if you take in too much of it. It can also disrupt the normal inner ear functions thus cause some inner ear problems. In the daily life, you should pay more attention to control the intake of cheese, smoked fish, lives, figs and red wine to avoid over-taking of these foods.